The publication of the proceedings will be carried out by EUDL from EAI. The European Union Digital Library (EUDL) is the central repository for all content published by the different branches of the European Alliance for Innovation (EAI). EUDL also hosts or indexes content from selected partner or member organizations and affiliates. Our proceedings will be published in EAI Computing and Communication in Emerging Regions (EAI CCER). EAI Computing and Communication in Emerging Regions are open access proceedings focused on bringing research from emerging regions, with topics covering up to Operations, Management and Policy.


The new journal aims to promote excellent, agenda-setting scholarship and provide a forum for dialogue and collaboration both within and beyond the region. Southeast Asian Studies engages in wide-ranging and in-depth discussions that are attuned to the issues, debates, and imperatives within the region, while affirming the importance of learning and sharing ideas on a cross-country, global, and historical scale. An integral part of the journal’s mandate is to foster scholarship that is capable of bridging the continuing divide in area studies between the social sciences and humanities, on the one hand, and the natural sciences, on the other hand. To this end, the journal welcomes accessibly written articles that build on insights and cutting-edge research from the natural sciences. The journal also publishes research reports, which are shorter but fully peer-reviewed articles that present original findings or new concepts that result from specific research projects or outcomes of research collaboration.

Southeast Asian Studies

Aims and Scope “Biodiversitas, Journal of Biological Diversity” or Biodiversitas encourages submission of manuscripts dealing with all biodiversity aspects of plants, animals and microbes at the level of gene, species, and ecosystem. Article types The journal seeks original full-length research papers, reviews, and scientific feedback (short communication) about material previously published.


Indonesian Journal of Geography ISSN 2354-9114 (online), ISSN 0024-9521 (print) is an international journal  published by the Faculty of Geography, Universitas Gadjah Mada in collaboration with The Indonesian Geographers Association. Our scope of publications include physical geography, human geography, regional planning and development, cartography, remote sensing, geographic information system, environmental science, and social science. IJG publishes its issues three times a year in April, August, and December.

Indonesian Journal of Geography

Journal of Environmental Science and Sustainable Development (JESSD) is a biannual refereed journal which provides an opportunity for academics, practitioners, and community representatives to examine, exchange, and reflect on a wide range of issues relating to environmental science and sustainable development issue in the developing countries especially in ASEAN region. The Journal aims to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge and understandings of the theoretical, methodological, approaches, and practical dimensions of environmental science and sustainable development issue. Journal of Environmental Science and Sustainable Development (JESSD) is published by School of Environmental Science, Universitas Indonesia  and is an open access journal and free access (Free Registration). The authors can register online on a website and not charge any fee from the registration process. The authors form university or researched can cite a reference from this journal and giving benefits from the organization itself.

Journal of Environmental Science and Sustainable Development

ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement is a biannual refereed journal concerned with the practice and processes of community engagement. It provides a forum for academics, practitioners and community representatives to explore issues and reflect on practices relating to the full range of engaged activity. This journal is a peer-reviewed online journal dedicated to the publication of high quality research focused on research, implementation, of policy about community engagement. Definition of ASEAN on this journal is that the journal is built by member of ASEAN Universitas Network. So this journal, particularly on Editorial Board, most of them is from ASEAN Country. ASEAN means that the community engagement thas has been done is based on ASEAN area, even though the Author of this manuscript is not from ASEAN Country. This ASEAN Country as a development country that have high complexity, so the issues of community engagement become one of the crucial issue, especially on health, education and economi. Also, this ASEAN Country has an uniqueness in term of people, region, culture, etc.

ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement is published by Universitas Indonesia which is cooperated with ASEAN University Network and University Kebangsaan Malaysia. This journal provides an opportunity to share detailed insights from different understandings and practices associated with community services. It provides an international forum for cross-disciplinary exchange of insights and ideas regarding community engagement for dissemination. ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement will published your work to international society of practitioners and researchers with interest in community engagement from a wide variety of sectors. Community Engagement means community development, community services, community empowerment, community outreach, and action research.

ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement is Applied Science Paper. A applied science paper is based on original research related to community engagement program. The kind of research depends on your field or the topic of community engagement (a program that has be done, an experiment, the impact of your program, survey, interview, questionnaire, etc.). The research paper will be based on the analysis and interpretation between theory and community engagement program and you need to explain the problems faced by the local community where the program is conducted.

ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement is an open access journal and free access (Free Registration). The authors can register online on website and not charge any fee from registration process. The authors form university or researched can cite reference from this journal and giving benefits from organization itself. This journal is currently published a First Edition on June 2017 and has been indexed in Google Scholar. Soon this journal will be proposed to be indexed on DOAJ, EBSCO, SCOPUS, and Thomson Reuters.

ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement

Majalah Ilmiah Globe (can be called MIG) is a peer-reviewed journal published by Geospatial Information Agency (Badan Informasi Geospasial-BIG). All papers are peer-reviewed by at least two expert before accepted for publication. MIG will publish in two times issues: April and October.
MIG providing authoritative source of scientific information for researchers and engineers in academia, research institutions, government agencies, and industries. We publish original research papers, study literature and case studies related to collection, processing and data analysis focused on Thematic Geospatial Information and current issues on the subject as well as related topics.
The journal is focusing on but not limited to: Thematic analysis (hydrology, geomorphology, remote sensing, cartography, physical geography) and Application of Geographic Information System
Majalah Ilmiah Globe has been accredited by The Ministry of Research, Technology, & Higher Education as a National Accredited Journal since April 2016 until Mei 2019. All articles published by Majalah Ilmiah Globe will have unique DOI number.

Majalah Ilmiah Globe